The artistry of masons past shows all around us in New England. Stone walls were built while transforming the forest into fields for planting. The farms are gone, but those walls still remain after hundreds of years and now run through forested land, surprising us with their beauty and connecting us with the past. Dry-laid stone walls remain through man-made and natural changes alike.

History, Art and Masonry are joined in something as universal as the chimneys poking through the rooftops. Their styles are as varied as the masons who built them but their durability is a testimony to masonry construction.

Customer reviews

K.M. Canaan, NH

"Your Stone work is truly a work of art - We will love it for a lifetime!

What we do

C.L., Portsmouth, NH

"Jim and I want to thank you again for the lovely stone wall you created in our yard. Your work is exceptional and when completed, we're going to have a really beautiful setting. You and your crew all worked with great care."

JT Masonry & Construction would like the opportunity to help design a lasting project for your home.


Founder James Turner will work with you to design and execute your project or build it to your existing specifications. We will also work with you and your general contractor or designer to keep your project on time and on budget.

Durable, functional art is masonry at its best. It is something seen and taken for granted but upon inspection shows a pleasing form built to last for generations.

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History, Art and Masonry